being present – where you are –

in just under 2 weeks i will officially become part of something more than myself.  marriage.

while we were looking at pieces for our ceremony, i came across something that said

marriage is not a legal document.  no [insert religious person – ie priest, rabbi, monk, etc] can create a marriage because a marriage, truly, is the promises made and kept by two individuals.

similar can be said for the entire wedding events.  it’s the two people making promises to each other – no flowers, shoes, dress, food, etc., etc. will make the wedding any more valid, truthful, honest, or real than the intentions and what is present within the two individuals.

i’ve been relearning this lesson quite a few times in our event planning process with a few interesting incidents.

i end up back at the same conclusion, where i am, being here in what already is, this is all there is – the moment.  relishing and appreciating and being aware of now is a gift.

how often i’ve needed to “get this done and then i can . . .”  or “after this i’ll have more time to . . .”.

to see how happy our dogs are when they get to go out for a walk – it’s worth putting a few “to do”‘s from the list on hold.


savoring the little things, sometimes happy accidents that make you smile or laugh

snow-wave love-graffiti

    pancake love punk-jackson

do something that today that brings a smile to your face.


Having a kid breaks you. And you’re stronger for the broken places.
- gluten free girl & the chef

i’m engaged.  our plans are a little rushed – proposal august 2012 marriage planned in march 2013.  *knock knock*

the reason for the “rush” may seem silly to some.  i’m ready for sharing our life in a way that only a child can expand it.  i can only grasp the edges of what it will be like for that enormous, crazy, and wonderful change – in us, our dynamic, growing our family.

i think he is ready – he wants to be.

every so often my brain says”worry” and for a minute or two (or sometimes more) i do.  then i breathe and remember the tiny glimpses of what i have felt for just the idea of little feet and hands and their gurgles and other sounds, and soft skin, and that baby smell.  he will be present once she/he/they (possibility of twins for me) arrive.  it’s not a choice we make, as a parent it just is.

much more to say and yet nothing else to say.

wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world were as varied as this?  (or more)

time for me step away from the familiar computer and head out enjoy my mini-vacation.

smile – it suits you.

equality & acceptance

i received an email forward recently from my boyfriend’s mother.  you may or may not have seen the photos below.  i feel they speak for themselves.

i will say one thing – how wonderful would it be if we could get along as well as these very different furry friends?

and for those who want more – below (click “more”) are some videos of furry/feathery friends. (i went a bit overboard)


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