meet the blog

this blog is inspired by the aftermath of a long year.

i was home and finally standing still.  my body was standing still while my brain was still going going going.

this is my journey of continually journeying towards “zen”.

for those like me who have barely an inkling of the deeper meanings of zen, below is an explanation

Zen is a method of rediscovering the experience of being alive. It originated in India and China, and has come to the West by way of Japan, and although it is a form of Mahayana Buddhism, it is not a religion in the usual sense of the word. The aim of Zen is to bring about a transformation of consciousness, and to awaken us from the dream world of our endless thoughts so that we experience life as it is in the present moment.

–  Alan Watts, from the introduction to What is Zen?

what does this mean?

nothing, everything, simple, complex, inclusive, exclusive

in short – this is all a learning process for me.

i hope for this to a place for thanks, inspiration, and things that make me smile.



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