finding space

its been probably close to 2 years since my last post.  i started 2 or 3 and never finished.

today i sit here with my 2 little ones, helping one get better – both are just now sleeping.

a few days ago we returned from the east coast.  boy does life move at a different pace out there.

while i dont necessarily want a house as large as my parents have – the feeling of space in a room helps my body breathe better.  this is something i want to work on – being ok in any size space because it is not always a choice.

our house is much smaller and we have too much stuff.  to top it off we had many thinga decide to come home with us over the holidays.

so first thing i wanted to do when we got home was make some space.  and the east coast in me wanted it to be done now.

well – nothing like getting sick the next day to help remind me of where i truly need to be at the moment.

there will be time to work on the clutter.  i need to look after my well being & being present with our little family.  

yes creating space physically will help me learn to be my present and have more space in my life – i can still find the space spiritually, mentally, emotionally,  and in being present without having it physically, it just takes a bit more effort.

these recent holiday travels were helpful to show me growth within myself and areas where i still would like to keep looking.  

the biggest thing in my life that has inspired changes in me are my girls.  thank you for teaching me & be patient as we learn with your father what it can mean to be a family.


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