perfection is overrated

or at least what we think of as “perfection”  somewhere along the way it gets forgotten that we are already perfect – don’t need to “fix” anything.

i saw a friend recently whom i haven’t seen in some time.  she seemed a bit sad and overwhelmed – my mind went straight to how i could help her “fix” this.

my mind seems to do lots of this recently.  being a newer mom i find when other moms are going through something i want to share what helped me in their situation (or something similar).

instead, tonight, after who knows why, my desire to help “fix” changed. maybe it is the book i re-started: the zen of listening  

i just wanted to be present with my friend when i see them next.  they are already perfect just as they are. 

be where you are at.

do you find yourself trying to “solve” your life and others? or you at peace with chaos and trust the universe (God – whatever you refer to as the bigger power) will get you through, or show you how?




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