remembering your strengths

i received a message from an old friend whom i never expected to hear from again.  apparently i had more of an impact on them than i believed.  at first i was unsure what to do with their note.

recently i’ve been struggling with myself and my reactions to situations.  i want to be “zen”  and patient and realize truly deeply that the actions of others say something about others and determine nothing about who i am.

their kind words reminded me of some strength and belief in myself and my values that have been lost over the years.  when i was able to act (lack of reacting) in ways where at the end of the day i slept well and was only concerned about how i treated the world (vs the world treating me “fairly” or otherwise).

thank you for the reminder that i have this strength within me, and that at the end of the day i am accountable for me – so i’d like to  be the best i am capable of.   even when i think it doesn’t make a difference or matter, it does.  especially now that i will soon be a mommy with a little one always watching.





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