inspirational love

slowly getting closer & closer to the time when our little one will emerge and become his/her own separate being – brings many many thoughts to mind.

  • analyzing how i interact with those in my life (family, friends, random people)
  • how will we create space in our lives for our little one, to let them know how much they mean to us
  • ways to be sure we are able to be calm, patient, caring, understanding, etc. while our little on learns to become a person, when we are stressed & lacking of sleep and who knows what else
  • how can we separate ourselves from all the crazy technology (phones, tv, i-things, computers, etc. etc.) something that, in my opinion, is necessary, at the very least for some amount of time, so our full, undivided attention is given to those we love.

and much much more.

so today when i saw these 2 things (thanks to the infamous FB) i smiled.  there are people in this world that are inspiring and creative and kind and caring and fun.  it is possible.

Teenage Football Players Conspire To Do Something Unexpected
Without telling their coaches, the football players of Olivet Middle School conspired to execute an extraordinary play at their next home game

Video from KarmaTube

some creative parents

While Their Kids Sleep, These parents Pull Of This Amazing Stunt... -   Misc



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