little one

it’s been a while since i’ve stopped in here. at first it was just the normal busyness of life. then it was because we had a little secret that needed waiting to be told. eventually it became purely crucial to use all energy for things that needed to be done – walk the dogs, laundry, etc.

we are expecting a little one early in 2014. pregnancy can do strange things to a body – and mind. i’m happy to report i am one of the women who only had a short stint (weeks 6 – 12/13) with the yuckiness and over exhaustion.

it’s funny how preparing for something that initially takes up so little physical space has such a huge impact in so many ways.

outside of the obvious creating a loving, safe environment (baby room, babyproofing, etc) i find myself re-evaluating things like our eating habits, our eco-friendlyness, and more. these are things that i may normally think about to some extent, being someone’s role model brings the thoughts to an entirely new level.

eventually i’ll be back with a more worthwhile post – i’ve just been itching to type up something for a while now.

enjoy a video of our youngest pup learning to be a big brother with my sister’s new puppy.



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