being present – where you are –

in just under 2 weeks i will officially become part of something more than myself.  marriage.

while we were looking at pieces for our ceremony, i came across something that said

marriage is not a legal document.  no [insert religious person – ie priest, rabbi, monk, etc] can create a marriage because a marriage, truly, is the promises made and kept by two individuals.

similar can be said for the entire wedding events.  it’s the two people making promises to each other – no flowers, shoes, dress, food, etc., etc. will make the wedding any more valid, truthful, honest, or real than the intentions and what is present within the two individuals.

i’ve been relearning this lesson quite a few times in our event planning process with a few interesting incidents.

i end up back at the same conclusion, where i am, being here in what already is, this is all there is – the moment.  relishing and appreciating and being aware of now is a gift.

how often i’ve needed to “get this done and then i can . . .”  or “after this i’ll have more time to . . .”.

to see how happy our dogs are when they get to go out for a walk – it’s worth putting a few “to do”‘s from the list on hold.


savoring the little things, sometimes happy accidents that make you smile or laugh

snow-wave love-graffiti

    pancake love punk-jackson

do something that today that brings a smile to your face.



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