standing still

close your eyes.  take a deep breath.  slowly in and slowly out.  relishing the pause at either end.

take another.

and one more.

now (eyes closed) feel your toes.  is the floor soft?  or are your socks warm?  do you have room to wiggle and stretch out your toes?

put your palms against each other (eyes closed) with your pointer fingers gently against your mouth.  breath slowly, calmly.  do you fingers smell of lotion?  of the faint traces from your last meal?  of soap?

are the pads of your fingers rough?  smooth?  calloused? soft?  warm?  cold? and your lips?

open your eyes.  were you thinking about anything?  your ‘to do’ list?  where you need to be at __ o’clock?  what time you are finished with work/class/project . . .?

or were you present in the moment?

when i was younger much of my energy was focused on past – regrets, what if’s, why or why not, etc.

recently life has become fast & stretching in many directions.  at times (often for me) it’s difficult to be present.  too much energy & time spent on the goal, the destination, the end result, etc.

i have a tendency to take on many many projects at a time.  i’ve gotten better over the years – i still slip back at times.  having one or a select few things to focus on that truly touch me – deep down into my being – that’s when life makes sense for me.

i was reading on wikipedia recently about the new year celebration

It is believed that Julius Caesar, the celebrated Roman emperor, first proposed the idea of having January 1 as the first day of the year way back in 46 BCE. This is because the month of January has been named after the Roman God Janus. Janus is personified as a two-faced person, one face facing the front and the other facing the back, and he is believed to be the God of doors and Gates. This, to Caesar, symbolized transition from one year to the other.

to me – having one face in front and one behind would force you to be very much present in all actions.

stand still and figure out what truly touches your heart.  figure out what things could stop existing and you would still feel fulfilled.

that is my hope for this coming year – the ability to stand still, find balance, be present and remember what is truly important – deep down.

enjoy a silly video of our dogs.  we usually sing the spider man theme song replacing “spider man” with our older dog’s name “sugar bear” (the white one)

the quality somehow got worse once uploaded – but you get the idea



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