after a week or so of getting down on myself for being so close to a goal, yet missing it, i was renewed in my motivation and spirit to run.

i live in hill mountain country (this is a nearby event).  when i moved here a bit over 4 years ago it took me about a month to get acclimated enough to run.  with all the beautiful trails i soon found myself loving to run up hills.

ever since my recent decision to attempt one fast marathon (st george this october) my focus changed to running flat & downhill routes (in order to run the suggested training speeds).

as a result my ability to run hills suffered, as did my feelings towards these runs.

actually, for a few runs after missing my goal my feelings towards running in general suffered.  because i was still recovering and i was working back up to the energy required to run as fast as i had been in previous training runs frustration was reached with great ease.

my next step was acceptance, or so i thought.  on a long run i took off my GPS watch and ran whatever pace felt comfortable.  for that day this was what i needed.

at the same time i let myself do other training days far below my best efforts,  i’ began to make do with being “comfortable” in my endeavors.

a week or so ago a friend and i drove part way up a local road in order to hike further up and then ran down.  after returning to the car, as we were headed back down, we said hello to another local running up the road.

something in me remembered how it felt to run up those hills.  how great it felt to get to the top of a trail, or hill, or turn-around point with the knowledge that i ran some, most, or all of that ascent (trails were almost always short stints of running).  i missed that.

my body is ready to work again.  it may be slow going.  it may be frustrating at first knowing what i am capable of and how it compares to where i am currently at.  also knowing some days need to be relaxed, easy, fun, little effort.  and this is ok.  this is what helps prepare mentally for those days where limits are pushed.

  • patience with myself
  • acknowledging where i am at physically and mentally
  • remembering each and every moment is it’s own (ie attempting to be present)

these are my new goals.

how do you overcome obstacles?  where do you find motivation?



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