everyone needs love

i live with 2 men and 3 women (only 1 walks on two legs).

each has very different and distinct personalities.

two of them love love love attention.  one of those two becomes jealous easily.  one loves attention, though only when she wants attention.  one seems only to care about food.  one takes upset onto herself her fur is thinning in a few spots.  another takes her upset out on the house.

i think you get the idea.

as different as they all are, they all need love – whether they admit to it or not.

sugar bear – the newest addition to our family is the least showy with her feelings.  when we hug her, pet her, hold her she shows very little reaction.  sometimes she even gets scared if we pick her up too quickly.

one day i came home and before opening the door i said hello through the door (glass).  she wagged her tail and lifted a paw.  this is why i continue to hug and pet her.  there is affection somewhere deep in her, she’s just afraid or unsure how to show it.

jackson – our 2nd newest, is jealous of anyone else getting attention.  as soon as someone else comes over his head is in the way.  or if there is a toy or bone, he has to take his and any other ones.

ok – i’m kind of repeating the distinctions – i’ll get to my point (sort-of).

too often i’ve seen or heard “so & so needs the attention more than so & so because . . . “.

for example, with our family some would say leave sugar bear be, she would show more affection if she wanted it.  others might say give less attention to jackson because he tries to take over and therefore has been spoiled with too much attention.

i think everyone needs love & attention equally.

i’m a bit unclear where i’m going with this outside of – share you love.  give love to anyone & everyone.  someone always vying for attention?  give them some
someone always staying away from the group?  give them some
someone seems to be put together and “have everything”? give them some
someone always lashing out, making trouble for everyone?  give them some

love is one of the most difficult and also easiest things.  it’s nerve-racking giving it for the first time – to friends, family, co-workers, strangers.  when true love, compassion (and everything else that goes along with these) is given, fear is irrelevant.  it’s the simplest thing that can solve so many “bigger” issues.

if you have a moment – this is a story about one of those moments titled:”giving priceless gifts” .  i love this site – i found them through their facebook page thanks to a friend of mine.  they are where i found the first ubuntu quote.



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