patience, unconditional love, and other stuff

patience – the key ingredient for so much of life.

i mean the “quiet, steady perseverance; even-tempered care; diligence” patience – though “an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay”  works sometimes as well.

below is the slow & steady efforts of our household.  jackson – on the left – is our newest member.  yem – on the right – has become comfortable enough to wait for her food in the same room.

jackson & yem ready for their culinary treats

actually – they all (including gato – out of the picture) share our bed with us now.  everyone must keep their proper distance to be sure the peace is kept.  most of the time peace rules the roost.  once in a while there is a hiss or a *whap*
 my impatience hopes that one day the kitties – or at least one – will realize that pup could be a nice heatbox (they love our heatdishes and anything warm really).
i watch them all pretty much continue their life (well i’m guessing with newbie).  there is no worry or wanting (in the long term goal sense – they always want food, treats, water, & lots o lovin) or frustration related to those things.
the dog is in the way, lets walk over here instead.  the cat is in the way, let’s go over there.  someone is in my spot? let me look, think, naah  – lets go somewhere else.  there is food coming?  food food food, who cares who is in the room, i want my yummy.
i guess if human reactions were as simple as theirs we would have less need for patience.  then again – when food comes out, they are anything besides patient – all eyes, meows, and wagging tails.
or maybe that’s just excitement. jackson does eventually find something else to fill his attention when i make him wait until i’m done fixing the kitty food – so they all eat together.
whatever the case – i would love to learn that kind of patience.  the kind where it’s beyond “patience” and they are just being.   i try, i do – i just see them do it so easily.
that and the “unconditional love” thing.  it’s been said many times – comparing a pets love – which seems unconditional – to the love of our human counterparts.   they do – they give and give and give love.   we get mad because they ________ and tell them “no”  “bad ______” and they come and give us kisses or sit in our lap or next to us.
we, on the other hand, get mad at each other and push each other away.  why is it so hard to say “sorry”  why does it really matter who is “right”?  obviously there is a balance and a need for self-preservation with extremes.  if someone abused me – i may still love them (in the bigger sense), but i am leaving.  for the most part – most anger, frustration, being “mad” at someone comes from simpler more trivial things – though at the time they seem incredibly important.   and it’s also important to show that you truly care about someone’s feelings.
finding that balance.   allowing someone to feel whatever their feeling, accepting responsibility for your part in it, allowing forgiveness, to yourself, to others, from others, realizing sometimes whatever you are feeling is silly in the scheme of things – balancing all these sides (and more) all because we think more than our pets.  then again, who knows – maybe they are highly intelligent and enlightened beings?
whatever the case i strive to be more loving, and less overcome by the silly stuff.   it is a continual struggle inside.  it’s a good one to have though.
as such – my “yogi”(tea) wisdom for the day was a bit confusing.  “the art of longing and the art of belonging must be experienced in life.”   is this because to truly belong you must know how it felt to long for some(thing/one/…)?
i guess this confused me because i think more along the idea ‘to be fully present’ which in turn means a lack of longing or needing to belong.   unless belong is being present and longing is being too focused on the past/future – which kinda makes sense (maybe?) in that unless you have experienced a lack of presence how do you know if you are truly being present .  then again – monks or those who are “in the moment” and “fully present” probably don’t think about being present, they just are.
another continual journey.
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