we recently adopted a new family member – jackson.  he is a year old tomorrow if the paperwork is correct.

since he arrived everything has become just a tiny bit different.  our cats are slowly learning to accept him being around.  we are changing our morning, exercise, & evening habits to include his needs.

we learned on day one he is good at enjoying a toy thoroughly – and by thoroughly i mean leaving very little evidence that the toy existed.

in the next few days i did a few google searches on training, dog toys, and such.  one article mentioned how the person would give their dog a toy for a few days.  after the few days were up the dog would receive another toy to play with.  after a few more days another toy would replace the 2nd one.  a week, 2 weeks, or however long – depending how many toys the dog had – the person would take out the old toy and the dog would play with it just as if it were brand new.

wouldn’t it be fantastic if we saw our life this simply?  get frustrated, bored, disinterested with something, let it be for a few days, a week, a month – however long – and then revisit it, completely renewed, full of enthusiasm.

maybe it can be.  yes it’s more complex than this.  it’s also as simple as this.

for me – this was with my running.   i felt like i should kickstart directly into my speed training while i was still in good shape.  i had to train now or i would never be able to get back to where i was, or it would take me much much longer to get back to where i am.

for a week or so i went into some serious training – pushing myself to go every day, even though i wanted to be somewhere else, doing other things, focused elsewhere.  i questioned if i should bother training, if it was only an ego thing.  another part of me questioned if i could let this gift go – being so physically strong (for me) – just because i was having trouble getting motivated.

then a few things happened.

  • i ordered a book – run less, run faster and decided to wait until it arrived to do any more serious running
  • i went for a run here & there with my old running buddies
  • i joined a local running group for some faster runs.

running with my friend was fun – it allowed me to have another purpose than just “run”.  at the end of one of our routes i felt the urge to go faster – because it would be fun.  running with the group i found they run closer to my speed, pushing me by being a challenge.  by the time the book arrived i was ready to get started and put some effort into my goal.

i am thankful for the renewed sense of enjoyment.

changing the subject . . .   here’s a video that i found inspirational


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