inspirational teens & sillyness to smiles in animation

i came across a blog today about a teenager named tyler alfriend.  in 2007 he was diagnosed with cancer and in 2009 he went into remission.  the blog was originally about his journey during his battle with cancer.  now it entails how he has taken his winning fight and transformed it into giving to the world.

the most recent entry was a link to a petition started by JT another young cancer survivor.  he is pushing boundaries for changes.  he was suspended from school for having long hair.  he was growing his hair to donate it to locks of love.  they tried first talking with the school about changing their dress code policy.

you can see the video on tyler’s blog – i had trouble embedding the video directly.

click here to go to JT’s petition

and now on to the sillyness

before i started this blog i came across a video thanks to some friends through social networking.  it was one of my nudges to start this blog.  it is called ‘the pig of happiness’





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