remembering your strengths

i received a message from an old friend whom i never expected to hear from again.  apparently i had more of an impact on them than i believed.  at first i was unsure what to do with their note.

recently i’ve been struggling with myself and my reactions to situations.  i want to be “zen”  and patient and realize truly deeply that the actions of others say something about others and determine nothing about who i am.

their kind words reminded me of some strength and belief in myself and my values that have been lost over the years.  when i was able to act (lack of reacting) in ways where at the end of the day i slept well and was only concerned about how i treated the world (vs the world treating me “fairly” or otherwise).

thank you for the reminder that i have this strength within me, and that at the end of the day i am accountable for me – so i’d like to  be the best i am capable of.   even when i think it doesn’t make a difference or matter, it does.  especially now that i will soon be a mommy with a little one always watching.



big changes, little package

i see little one being a new big theme in my writing.  we’re in the “home stretch”  now (yay) to meet our new little one.

i find i’m ready in many ways (like to be able to eat a normal meal and sleep on my back – in addition to the obvious meeting our lovely baby), and in others i will continuously need to grow and push myself.

in the last month or so, my world has been inundated with possibilities for thinking about who i want to be for my little one.

i’m thankful for all these little hints, reminders, pushes towards who i can be, especially right now with my crazy hormones.  one minute i’m at peace with the world and whatever is thrown at me.  the next day i’m back in my high school insecure selfish mind frame and the silliest thing has me crying.   then, once i sleep or eat or just get past the sillyness – i think how i want to get back to that at peace with whatever comes at me, because little one is coming and i want to be more, better, stronger, etc for this little being.

below are a few of the most recent things i’ve come across that have influenced me in numerous ways.

this first video was recommended  by a friend.  while i am more of a spiritual person than religious – i believe in the overall idea of this video – leading by example, and what exactly is that example.

6,570 from Southland Christian Church on Vimeo.

this quote has given me pause when making decisions or when reacting to a situation.

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.
~H. Jackson Brown Jr

this quote too

in the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


and for some humor, because sometimes laughing is just what is needed

a dad with funny post-its about raising his kids with his wife (ie permanent roommate or PR)

inspirational love

slowly getting closer & closer to the time when our little one will emerge and become his/her own separate being – brings many many thoughts to mind.

  • analyzing how i interact with those in my life (family, friends, random people)
  • how will we create space in our lives for our little one, to let them know how much they mean to us
  • ways to be sure we are able to be calm, patient, caring, understanding, etc. while our little on learns to become a person, when we are stressed & lacking of sleep and who knows what else
  • how can we separate ourselves from all the crazy technology (phones, tv, i-things, computers, etc. etc.) something that, in my opinion, is necessary, at the very least for some amount of time, so our full, undivided attention is given to those we love.

and much much more.

so today when i saw these 2 things (thanks to the infamous FB) i smiled.  there are people in this world that are inspiring and creative and kind and caring and fun.  it is possible.

Teenage Football Players Conspire To Do Something Unexpected
Without telling their coaches, the football players of Olivet Middle School conspired to execute an extraordinary play at their next home game

Video from KarmaTube

some creative parents

While Their Kids Sleep, These parents Pull Of This Amazing Stunt... -   Misc

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